World War II Conscientious Objectors: Germfask, Michigan — The Alcatraz Camp by Jane Kopecky

The cover of world war ii conscientious objectors germany, michigan, and the alcatraz camp.

Men of Conscience Imprisoned in the U.P. Review by Deborah K. Frontiera My first reaction to Jane Kopecky’s book, World War II Conscientious Objectors: Germfask, Michigan, was, “Wow! I never knew that.” As I dove into the book, I realized what an incredible amount of research the author had done…

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Another Time, Another Place: World War II in the Pacific 1941-1944 by Allan Koski

Another time another place world war ii in the pacific 1944.

Eino Koski’s Legacy Reviewed by Victor R. Volkman Allan Koski’s book Another Time, Another Place is a heartfelt and compelling memoir about his father Eino Koski’s contribution to the Pacific theatre in World War II.  Although Eino passed away in 2009, his son Allan managed to complete the manuscript with…

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Dead of November: A Novel of Lake Superior by Craig Brockman

Dead of november a novel of lake superior by craig a brockman.

A Delightful Supernatural Tale of Mystery on Lake Superior Craig Brockman’s debut adult novel Dead of November  is a spine-tingling psychological and  supernatural thriller which spans both American and Canadian shores of Lake Superior. The story follows psychologist Adam Knowles whose grief for the loss of his wife Julie LaFevre…

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Houghton – The Birthplace of Professional Hockey by William Sproule

The cover of hogton the birthplace of professional hockey.

Could a Small Town in the U.P. be the Origin of the World’s Premier Winter Sport? Dr. William Sproule, a recently retired professor of civil and environmental engineering from Michigan Tech University, wrote the new book Houghton: The Birthplace of Professional Hockey with the hopes of cementing the Keewenaw’s crucial…

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A to Zåäö by Tara Sweeney and Nate Christopherson

A to zaoo flying and history of the american swedish.

A Playful Introduction to Swedish Culture Review by Victor R. Volkman A to Zåäö: Playing with History at the American Swedish Institute, by mother-and-son team Tara Sweeney and Nate Christopherson, is a playful introduction to Swedish culture and language.  This coffee table quality hardcover from University of Minnesota Press is…

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