Mercy Is a Bright Darkness: Selected Poems on Our Connectedness to Each Other through Nature’s Elements and Seasons, by Lisa Fosmo

The image shows the cover of the book "Mercy Is a Bright Darkness" by Lisa Fosmo. The cover features a bronze sculpture of a person bent backward with an arm extended, set against a background of a sunset and nature scenery.

Review by Mack Hassler Lisa Fosmo, a fine UP poet, who identifies herself as a lifelong resident here currently living with her family in Escanaba and owning a camp West of Ishpeming, attended her first UPPAA spring conference in May 2024, says she was impressed and is now a new…

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A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island Book I and II – By Summer Porter, Illustrated by Maggie Chambers

The cover of a children's book titled "A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island II: The Grand Adventure." It features illustrated mice dressed in summer clothes, with a large white building and green lawn in the background. Authored by Summer Porter and illustrated by Maggie Chambers.

Review by Deborah K. Frontiera Mouse Tail I: ISBN 978-1-61599-654-4, Modern History Press 2022, PB ret. $18.95, children’s picture book                                                                 In this picture book for the four to eight-year-old crowd, author Summer Porter introduces us to a family of mice in a fun, fantasy ride to Mackinac Island. The mice…

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Yooper Ale Trails: Craft Breweries and Brewpubs of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, by Mikel B. Classen and Jon C. Stott

Book cover for "yooper ale trails" featuring an illustration of a pint of beer with an outline of michigan's upper peninsula in green. vibrant autumn trees in the background, with author names mikel b. classen and jon c. stott.

Review by Mack Hassler Yooper Ale Trails: Craft Breweries and Brewpubs of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a handsome publication by Classen and Stott from the publisher that is the imprint for so much directed at the UPPAA is a book filled with information, wonderful photos, and even a few “bookish” puzzles…

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Michigan Indian Boarding School Survivors Speak Out: A Narrative History by Sharon Brunner

Review by Jon C. Stott. “Kill the Indian and Save the Child.” This nineteenth-century “altruistic” motto was used by White government and church officials to explain their “saving” of supposedly inferior native children by inculcating supposedly superior cultural and spiritual values in the children under their care at Indian boarding…

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The Rocks Will Echo Our Sorrow: The Forced Displacement of the Northern Sámi, by Elin Anna Labba

A monochrome book cover featuring a child on a boat with a mountain landscape in the background and the title "the rocks will echo our sorrow: the forced displacement of the northern sámi" by elin anna labba, translated by fiona graham.

Review by Mack Hassler “Therefore it was called Babel because there the  Lord confused the language of all.” Genesis 11:9                                                                        Reading Genesis by Marilynne Robinson (2024) God is, I think, often disappointed in his chosen people as they scatter but never gives up on them.  This beautiful book is…

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Monsters, Relics, and Dangers Unknown – The Kollrheim Realms Chronicles Book 1, by S,M. Atherton

The cover of monsters, hells and dungeons undiscovered by s m aberton.

Review by Mack Hassler Once the storytelling is done in Monsters, Relics and Dangers Unknown, this first volume of “The Kollrheim Chronicles,” Emerick, who will be the warrior savior for the Princess of the Golden Kingdom of Kollrheim, has barely begun his long and dangerous sea voyage.  Atherton’s large-sized hero…

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Father Marquette’s Trail of Bones: A Sheriff Joseph Francois LaVake Mystery by Mike Cronan

Review by Tyler R. Tichelaar I recently reviewed Jennifer S. McGraw’s nonfiction history book The Unsolved Mysteries of Father Marquette’s Many Graves. That book and this one may both have been inspired by the recent repatriation and reburial of Father Marquette’s (alleged) bones at St. Ignace in 2022. While McGraw…

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