Review for Us

How to Apply

Answer these brief questions and send them to

  • Genres of interest
  • A writing sample of a book review you have written (min. 500 words)
  • How many reviews you’d like to do per year?
  • Your full mailing address for US mail
  • Can you read books on a Kindle device?
  • Your “byline” as you’d like it to read
  • A book you’d like to start with from our slush pile

Policy for reviews after publication

  • You can use 100 words excerpt immediately (suggested for an email newsletter, tweet, etc)
  • You can publish the entire review 90 days after it appears on U.P. Book Review
  • Please add a credit “U.P. Book Review” any time you use it externally.
  • Reviews may appear in an anthology of reviews that is tentatively titled 101 U.P. Book Reviews that will be distributed to 100 librarians across the U.P.

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