Monsters, Relics, and Dangers Unknown – The Kollrheim Realms Chronicles Book 1, by S,M. Atherton

The cover of monsters, hells and dungeons undiscovered by s m aberton.

Review by Mack Hassler Once the storytelling is done in Monsters, Relics and Dangers Unknown, this first volume of “The Kollrheim Chronicles,” Emerick, who will be the warrior savior for the Princess of the Golden Kingdom of Kollrheim, has barely begun his long and dangerous sea voyage.  Atherton’s large-sized hero…

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Father Marquette’s Trail of Bones: A Sheriff Joseph Francois LaVake Mystery by Mike Cronan

Review by Tyler R. Tichelaar I recently reviewed Jennifer S. McGraw’s nonfiction history book The Unsolved Mysteries of Father Marquette’s Many Graves. That book and this one may both have been inspired by the recent repatriation and reburial of Father Marquette’s (alleged) bones at St. Ignace in 2022. While McGraw…

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Roadkill Justice: Featuring Yooper Woodswoman Nettie Bramble by Terri Martin

Roadkill justice by terry martin.

Review by Jon C. Stott Roadkill Justice: Featuring Yooper Woodswoman Nettie Bramble is set somewhere in the north-central section of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (I think, maybe, in Baraga County), there’s a place called Budworm. Residing there are such people as Sammy Snert, Miss Linda Figgy (aka Miss Figgy), Tag Elder,…

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Mack Hassler reviews: Odin’s Eye, A Marquette Time Travel Novel, by Tyler R. Tichelaar

Odin's eye by tyler r tichelaar.

Review by Mack Hassler Trained as a medievalist but now working mostly with stories about Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Tyler Tichelaar has learned how to weave in and out of time references perhaps from his work with Chaucer or the King Arthur stories.  He has done a…

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