The Rocks Will Echo Our Sorrow: The Forced Displacement of the Northern Sámi, by Elin Anna Labba

A monochrome book cover featuring a child on a boat with a mountain landscape in the background and the title "the rocks will echo our sorrow: the forced displacement of the northern sámi" by elin anna labba, translated by fiona graham.

Review by Mack Hassler “Therefore it was called Babel because there the  Lord confused the language of all.” Genesis 11:9                                                                        Reading Genesis by Marilynne Robinson (2024) God is, I think, often disappointed in his chosen people as they scatter but never gives up on them.  This beautiful book is…

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Monsters, Relics, and Dangers Unknown – The Kollrheim Realms Chronicles Book 1, by S,M. Atherton

The cover of monsters, hells and dungeons undiscovered by s m aberton.

Review by Mack Hassler Once the storytelling is done in Monsters, Relics and Dangers Unknown, this first volume of “The Kollrheim Chronicles,” Emerick, who will be the warrior savior for the Princess of the Golden Kingdom of Kollrheim, has barely begun his long and dangerous sea voyage.  Atherton’s large-sized hero…

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From Indigenous Names to Brockway Mountain — New historical reference books!

Indians and Other Misnomers of the Upper Great Lakes: The True Indigenous Origins of Geographic Place Names, by Phil Bellfy (Modern History Press, Ann Arbor, MI 2023), 154 pages pbk, $25.95. Brockway Mountain Stories: The History of Brockway Mountain Drive and Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, by Paul LaVanway (Mudminnow Press, Copper…

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Off the Hook: Off-Beat Reporters Tales from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, by Nancy Besonen

Off the hook by nancy besson.

Review by Mack Hassler I like a book that has resonance.  Both fiction and non-fiction, whether history or memoir or journalism, can contain good resonance.  Further, in my opinion, the best echo or resonance is with faith or philosophic issues.  Therefore, to select two titles from what was at the…

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Mack Hassler reviews: Odin’s Eye, A Marquette Time Travel Novel, by Tyler R. Tichelaar

Odin's eye by tyler r tichelaar.

Review by Mack Hassler Trained as a medievalist but now working mostly with stories about Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Tyler Tichelaar has learned how to weave in and out of time references perhaps from his work with Chaucer or the King Arthur stories.  He has done a…

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The Side Road Columnist: Observations from an Upper Michigan Author by Sharon M. Kennedy

The side road columnist by Sharon M. Kennedy.

Review by Mack Hassler “It’s who you are when time’s up that matters.” Obituary for Anne Perry, NY Times, 4/13/23 Non-fiction, investigative reporting, and autobiography are so important to me for lively and vital UP literature.  Sharon Kennedy, who has lived and worked “above the bridge” but not quite into…

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