One Winter Up North by John Owen

Review by Sharon Brunner

John Owens shared an enchanting story One Winter Up North about a family’s winter adventure in northern Minnesota at the Boundary Waters area. The story is told by captivating illustrations. The family first travels to the location where they set up camp. A father, mother, and daughter find a location for their camp in a clearing.  The campsite is cozy and inviting. Snow falls heavily on them as they hunker down during the evening hours.  It’s important to wear many layers during the cold winter months up north.

What animals made all the tracks? Are they close by? Lost in the woods caused much fright. Imitate wolves before calling it a night. The snow and pine trees beckon the outdoor adventurist. Time together exploring outdoors is time well spent. The book is geared for children three years and up. Children and their parents will enjoy the experiences the book delivers.

John Owens is a freelance illustrator and teaches at the University of Minnesota. He is author of One Summer Up North, also published by UMN Press, a book inspired, like this one, by his travels to explore the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in all its seasons.

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